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Camp Day

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Programs and Schedule

The Camp Day (8:30am-3:00pm):

At BFSDC, the camp day is very busy.  All campers swim daily in our outdoor, saltwater pool.  Age appropriate and thematic activities, recess and play, outdoor exploration and camp wide community events make up the camp day at Burgundy.  Campers spend time with their camp groups working on projects and activities, enjoying recess and playtime, exploring our beautiful 25-acre outdoor campus, and having the chance to spend time with friends, both old and new. 

*Camper Supervision Ratios:  Required minimum ratios (staff does not include CIT’s):

4-5 years – 1:6

6-8 years – 1:8

9-15 years – 1:10

Lower Division (Ages 3.75-7.75):

Our Lower Division campers also attend specials that focus on Art and Crafts, Science, Sports and Games, and Music and Drama twice a week.  In addition to these regularly scheduled activities they have snack and lunch, recess time, down time (nap time for our youngest campers, a short rest time for our older campers), as well as many activities that fit into each weekly theme.  The sessions and weekly themes for this summer are:

Week 1 - June 17-21: Challenge and Adventure Camp!

Week 2 - June 24-28: Summer Superheroes!

Week 3 - July 1-3*: Red, White, and Blue!

*No camp on Thursday, July 4th and Friday, July 5th!  

Week 4 - July 8-12: Witches and Wizards!

Week 5 - July 15-19: Carnival and Circus!  

Week 6 - July 22-26: Princesses and Pirates!

Week 7 - July 29-August 2: Burgundy's Got Talent!

Week 8 - August 5-9: Super Summer Safari!

Lower Division Camp Groups:

Bunnies           – ages 3.5 – 4.5

Ducks              – ages 3.5 – 4.5

Chipmunks      – ages 4.5 – 5.5

Foxes              – ages 4.5 – 5.5

Raccoons        – ages 5.5 – 6.5

Dinos               – ages 5.5 – 6.5

Hawks              – ages 6.5 – 7.75

Eagles              – ages 6.5 – 7.75


Middle Division (Ages 6-8):

The Middle Division is designed for camper’s ages 6-8 that, while they have enjoyed their Lower Division camp experience, may be ready to explore what Upper Division camps is like.  This transitional camp division allows more choice to our oldest Lower Division campers who would like a bit more say in what they do during the camp day.  Now, with the Middle Division, we have opened up all of the half-day camp programs that make the Upper Division so exciting to these campers.  Campers who choose the Middle Division can “build their own session of camp” by selecting from a wide variety of half-day programs (campers pick a morning AND afternoon camp each session to create their full day of camp) to create their own camp experience.  All afternoon camps in the Middle Division include daily swim instruction in Burgundy’s own outdoor, saltwater pool.  The morning camps do not have a swim component, ensuring that campers swim once per day.  Campers eat their lunch with their AM program and then rotate to their PM program. 

Non-Swimming Camps (AM)                                              Swimming Camps (PM)

Excite Soccer                                                                     Lego Maniacs

Art/Pottery Playground (weeks 1, 3-8)                               Photography

MathTree (2 week camp, weeks 5&6 only)                        Summer Science

Engineering for Kids (1, 3, 5-8)                                          Nature Navigators

Tae Kwon Do (weeks 1, 4, & 7)                                          Dare to Dance (weeks 5&6)

Silver Knights Chess (weeks 3 & 6 )                                  **Full Day Camp with Swimming

NOVA Fencing (weeks 2, 5, & 8)                                       **Alexandria Children's Theatre Camp (weeks 6 & 7) **Full Day Camp                              

Boolean Girls (weeks 2, 5, & 8)

Burgundy Farm School of Wizardry (week 4)



Middle Division Schedule:

8:30am-11:30am – Morning Camp

11:30am-12pm – Lunch, with morning camp group

12pm-3pm – Afternoon Camp (swim time included)

*NOTE: you pick one camp from each column to create your full day of camp.  When you match an AM camp with a PM camp, not only are you creating the required full day of camp, but also you are guaranteeing your camper swims each day!


Upper Division (Ages 9-12):

Upper Division campers, whether in our half-day programs or full day programs, will enjoy their busy schedule as well.  Between daily swim, recess, and themed programming, they will move through their camp day from one engaging activity to another.  Campers participating in our half-day camps must pick an AM camp and a PM camp to create their full day of camp.  Campers will have their lunch with their AM program before rotating to their PM program.  Below is a breakdown of which camps swim and which do not (registration was set up to ensure that families picked one of each camp to create their full day, meaning that campers would swim once per day). 

Swimming Camps (AM)                                          Non-Swimming Camps (PM)

Lego Maniacs                                                         Excite Soccer

Photography                                                           Art/Pottery Playground (weeks 1, 3-8)

Science                                                                   MathTree (2 week camp – weeks 5&6 only)

Nature Navigators                                                   Engineering for Kids  (weeks 1, 3, 5-8)                        

Dare to Dance (weeks 5&6)                                    Tae Kwon Do (weeks 1, 4, & 7)

                                                                                Boolean Girls (weeks 2, 5, & 8)

                                                                                Silver Knights Chess (weeks 3 & 6)

                                                                                NOVA Fencing (weeks 2, 5, & 8)

                                                                                Burgundy Farm School of Wizardry (week 4) 

**Full Day Camps with Swimming 

**Burgundy Outdoors (full day)                                                                                

**Alexandria Children's Theatre Camp (weeks 6 & 7)



Upper Division Half-day Camp Schedule:

8:30am-11:30am – Morning Camp (swim time included)

11:30am-12pm – Lunch, with morning camp group

12pm-3pm – Afternoon Camp

*NOTE: you pick one camp from each column to create your full day of camp.  When you match an AM camp with a PM camp, not only are you creating the required full day of camp, but also you are guaranteeing your camper swims each day!

Full day Upper Division camps swim daily as well.  Both the Burgundy Outdoors and the Alexnadria Children's Theatre camps enjoy recess and time to explore the campus while focusing on their curriculum. 

Even though our camps have such busy schedules, we still find time to focus on unstructured play, which we believe is very important to children, and an important part of any camp experience.  Playtime allows the campers to drive the activities and have a chance to be creative and active at the same time.  This is encouraged throughout our campus, and all camps are given ample time to play. 

Our counselors will carefully guide campers through their day, lead them in their activities, oversee their health and general well being, and make sure that they have everything they need to be successful.  You will find our staff caring and attentive, quickly forming strong bonds with all of our campers.  Both you and your children should feel comfortable approaching Counselors with any questions or concerns.  Counselors are supported by the camp administration in all areas of the summer program, and are routinely observed to ensure the best quality service we can provide. 

What to Bring To Camp:

To make sure your camper is prepared for the summer, please read through this list of what to bring carefully.  It is strongly recommended that your campers name be labeled on any item they bring to camp!

-Water bottle



-Goggles – optional

-Swim shirt – optional

-Pool shoes - optional


-Bug spray – can be sent in or applied at home before camp (or both)


-Sunglasses - optional

-Extra change of clothes in a zip lock bag (just in case!)

-A lunch that does not require refrigeration or heating (nut free!)

-Backpack or bag to keep everything in

Towels and swimsuits will be sent home every Friday for washing.  If your camper participates in the AM Swim Lessons, or the After Camp Care program (where they will have the option of another, free swim session at the pool) they may want to bring two swimsuits and two towels.  This way they will not have to worry about getting into, or packing in their bag, a wet swimsuit and towel 

We suggest that campers come dressed for active play.  Shorts, t-shirts, and sneakers are ideal.  Sandals can be dangerous and difficult to move in and are not recommended.  Please label all items that you camper brings to camp.  Please do not send valuables to camp with your children.  BFSDC cannot assume responsibility for any lost items.  There is a lost and found table right outside the camp office that you may want to check periodically.  


What Not To Bring To Camp:

These items are prohibited and possession of any of these items will have potential consequences, including dismissal from the camp. Campers should never bring the following items to camp at any time: 

-Weapons of any kind

-Drugs, alcohol, or tobacco (prescription medications must be turned into the camp nurse with a completed Medicine Authorization Form)

-Pets or animals

-Personal sports equipment that may relate to camp activities; the camp will provide all equipment needed

Burgundy also discourages campers from brining toys, collections, or technology to camp.  Our busy days and outdoor focus are not conducive to these items and they run the risk of being damaged or lost.  It is advised to leave these items at home. 

*Our youngest campers, the Bunnies and Ducks, who still have a proper naptime in the afternoon, may bring a stuffed cuddle toy, or “lovie”, if it helps them sleep at naptime. 

The Summer Lost and Found will be located right outside the camp office.  Counselors will do their best to return lost items to the campers, but parents are encouraged to stop by the lost and found periodically. 

Snack and Lunch

Snack and Lunch (10am and 12pm):

Please note: Burgundy is a nut free campus!  We ask that parents and campers respect this policy and not send any nut or nut products, or products processed in a facility that contains nuts, with their campers.  If you choose to send soy butter, sunflower seed butter, or something similar, please also include a note indicating which product you are using.  Counselors will check lunches and sometimes it is hard to distinguish between peanut butter and soy butter.  BFSDC also stresses healthy foods and snacks.  We discourage sending sodas and soft drinks with your camper’s lunch, but rather juices and/or water. 

*Please be sure that all lunchboxes are labeled with your child’s name and the current date as this is required by the Virginia State Health Department.

All Burgundy campers have a snack, provided by BFSDC, each day around 10am (depends a little bit on the specific camp’s schedule).  We try very hard to provide snacks that are healthy and made with quality ingredients.  If you have allergy concerns, or a particularly picky eater, you are welcome to send your own snacks; we just ask that you respect the No Nut policy. 

All Burgundy campers need to bring a lunch every day that does not require refrigeration or heating.  Lunch will take place between 11:30am and 12:30pm, depending on each camp’s individual schedule.  Counselors will try their best to make sure that campers eat their lunch each day, and will leave any uneaten food (with in reason) in the lunch box so that parents can see what is being eaten and what is not.  If we notice any issues with the eating habits of a camper, specifically not eating, we will contact the parent to let them know. 

*We do not allow campers or counselors to share food. 

If a parent wishes to bring in a treat for a birthday, we ask that you let the camp office know ahead of time.  We also ask that the treat be nut free, and that enough is brought to share with the entire camp group.  The camp office will help with any other allergies that may be of concern in your camper’s class. 



Pool time is divided into 40-minute periods Monday through Friday.  Every camper comes to the pool at the same time each day.  Monday through Thursday the pool time is divided into 30 minutes of swim lessons and 10 minutes of free swim.  Friday is deemed a “Fun Day” and the campers are rewarded with a free swim period for working hard during lessons all week. 

*The ratio of Lifeguard/Counselor to camper at the pool is always within 1:4. 

*The camp counselors stay with their groups at the pool to be an extra set of eyes and ears as well as assist the campers with any non-swimming concerns. 

Every Monday the lifeguards will test each camper to see in which group they should be placed.  Lifeguards have to make these decisions based on what they see from the swimmer in the pool.  They will not know the swim history of each camper and, for safety reasons, cannot make any assumptions on a campers swim ability.  If your camper feels they were placed in the wrong swim group for any reason they are encouraged to talk to their counselors and the lifeguards so that they can request to be tested again.  Lifeguards will de everything they can to make sure everyone is placed in the appropriate swim groups.  Campers can request the opportunity to test into a new group at any time and simply need to speak to the guard in charge of their current group.  

BFSDC Swim Groups:

Minnows – beginners (toddler pool)

Fish – intermediate (shallow end of the pool)

Dolphins – advanced (deep end, can tread water and have mastered free style)

Sharks - advanced (deep end, have also mastered breast stroke and back stroke)

Lower/Middle Division Swim Time:

Swim lessons for the lower division groups are specialized by skill capability.  The first Monday of every session each camper is given a swim test to see which swim group he or she should be in.  Every swim group is given a lifeguard(s) to direct lessons.  Ratios at the pool are between 1:6 and 1:8, lifeguard to swimmer, depending on the age of the swimmers, the skill level of the swimmers, and which camp groups are at the pool at that time. 

*While the counselors stay at the pool during swim time they do not assist in the swim program.  They are there for an extra set of eyes and ears and to assist with any non-swim issues, and they improve our ratio to about 1:4. 

For those swimmers who do not know how to swim well, pool time will take place in our toddler pool or shallow end and our lifeguards will work on general comfort and safety in the pool.  This may consist of how to safely enter and exit the pool, playing water games, working on basic swim techniques like floating, kicking, and arm movements that swimmers can use later as they improve.  Swimmers who have mastered these skills, and can put their heads under water, are then taught the fundamentals of swimming.  They are taught how to float, glide on their stomachs and backs, bob up and down in the water, and breath control.  If these skills are mastered swimmers can then learn how to swim free style, backstroke, and basic breaststroke. 


Upper Division Swim Time:

Swim lessons for the Upper Divisions and CIT’s focus more on stroke development.  Swimmers are encouraged to go through each stroke over the course of a week, and, on Thursday they do laps to practice all of the strokes they have been working on.  Accommodations are made for Upper Divisions swimmers who may not be competent swimmers, and lessons and group assignments are adjusted accordingly. 

All swimmers are encouraged to participate in the swim program every day.  No camper will ever be forced to do anything they do not want to do, but the lifeguards will do all they can to promote participation, build confidence, and ensure that all campers get the most out of their swim time.  Lifeguards may use toys and other swim equipment during the swim time to help with lessons and to encourage campers to participate.  Campers may use “floaties” or swim vests, but the lifeguards will do all they can to work with the campers to move away from these devices as they become more comfortable and competent in the pool. 

Use of the deep end of the pool is determined by a separate swim test.  To freely use the deep end a swimmer must be able to: tread water for 30 seconds, and swim the length of the pool with no break.  This is a safety precaution and is designed to keep all swimmers safe and make sure no one is out of their depth or skill level.  Once a child passes the swim test they are able to use the deep end the rest of their time at Burgundy for that summer.  If a child tries the test but does not pass, they are encouraged to attempt it again at a later time. 

Lifeguards place swimmers in the appropriate skill group based on an assessment of skills that takes place the first Monday of each session.  The lifeguards must make their decisions based on what they see from the camper in the pool, they will not know the campers personal swim history and cannot make their placements on verbal confirmation of a skill that was not observed.  If a camper, or a parent, thinks they were placed in the wrong group they can contact the camp office who will be happy to speak to the lifeguards and see about re-testing the camper in question.  All decisions at the pool, including group placement, are made with the safety of the campers in mind. 

The pool is always one of the highlights of a summer camp summer experience.  We take every precaution to make sure it is a safe and fun experience as well.  Swimmers will have the opportunity to not only improve their swimming skills but also enjoy some fun in the pool with friends.