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Before Camp Care

Before Camp Care (7am-8am):

The BFSDC offers Before Camp Care weekly from 7am - 8am.  Campers who are registered for this program can be dropped off any time after 7am.  This program takes place in the Extended Day building at the very top of the drive, past the traffic circle and beyond the caretaker’s house.  Parents dropping off for this program can drive all the way up to the parking lot right outside the Extended Day building.  Once you have parked, you will need to walk your child in and check them in with the counselors.  Once they are checked in counselors will play games with the campers, offer them a breakfast snack, and escort them to the Commons or Gym and their waiting camp groups at 8am.

*This program is not offered as a drop-in service and must be registered for by the session. 

*The fee for this program is $83/week. 

*You cannot use the morning Transportation option with this program (The morning bus does not drop-off at Burgundy until 8:15am). 

*You can still participate in the AM Swim Lessons, and Before Camp Care will deliver the AM Swim Lesson participants to the lifeguards at 8am, in time for their lessons; which run from 8am – 8:30am. 


AM Swim Lessons

AM Swim Lessons (8am-8:30am):

During the summer we are proud to offer morning swim lessons, which are available for any registered camper to sign up for.  You can register your camper for these swim lessons just like you would a camp, as an additional program.  Spots are very limited with these lessons.  If you are registered for these swim lessons your camper will need to be at the Commons area by 8am ready to swim.  Our lifeguards will be waiting there to check them in and take them to the pool.  Campers will participate in small group, semi-private lessons with our trained lifeguards.  At 8:30am campers will be escorted to their camp groups to join them for the day.  It is important to note that if you register for these AM Swim Lessons, your camper will swim TWICE each day; once during the AM Swim Lesson and once with their camp group.  Parents should plan accordingly.  These AM Swim Lessons are open to all ages as long as you are participating in a camp at the BFSDC that session. 

*This program is not offered as a drop-in service and must be registered for by the session. 

*The fee for this program is $140/week (you must register for the entire session).

*You cannot use the morning Transportation option with this program, as the morning bus does not drop-off at Burgundy until 8:15am, half way through the lessons. 

*You can still participate in Before Camp Care, and the counselors there will deliver the AM Swimmers to the lifeguards in time for their lessons. 

*AM Swimmers may want to bring two swimsuits and towels to camp with them; one swimsuit and towel for the AM Swim Lesson and one for the daily swim time with their camp group.



Arrival (8am – 8:30am):

Arrival for the BFSDC begins at 8am.  Parents are asked to carefully proceed up the driveway where they will see 4 designated drop-off spots, marked by cones and a staff member.  Staff will open up the car doors, help the campers out of the car, and usher them to either the gathering area on the Campus Commons or inside the Logan Loft (in the case of inclement weather) where their camp group will be waiting for them.  Their counselors will check them in and take attendance.  Parents then proceed up the hill, around the traffic circle, and then back down the hill to exit campus.  A line may form during arrival, and we ask that parents wait patiently for their turn to pull up to one of the designated drop-off spaces.  There is no passing during carpool, and you must wait for the car in front of you to pull out after dropping off their camper(s) before you pull out yourself.  These guidelines, along with our 5mph speed limit on campus, are in place to keep everyone on campus safe.

While we strongly encourage families to use the Carpool for drop off in the morning, we understand that some parents may want to park and walk their camper to the Campus Commons or the Logan Loft (inclement weather) and their waiting camp group.  Parents who choose this option should park in the lower parking lot (first parking lot you come to once you enter campus, on your right) and walk into the Middle School building at the end of that parking lot (this is where the Gym and Camp Office are located), or walk them up the hill to the Commons.  We ask that parents do not park in, or back out of, spots in the traffic circle while Carpool is taking place.  This presents a risk to parents, campers, and staff, who are moving in that area during the busy drop off time.  We try to save as many spots in the lower parking lot as we can for parents, but parking is limited, so please keep this in mind when dropping off your camper. 

*Always be mindful of the campus speed limit of 5 MPH. 

*There is no cell phone use during morning or afternoon Carpool. 

*Please obey all staff that may direct you or assist you during this process. 

*There is no passing.

*We ask that as parents pull up to drop off their camper(s) that they do not get out of the car.  The best way to keep carpool moving quickly is to allow the BFSDC staff to assist your camper(s) once you have pulled up.

*BFSDC Counselors that assist with afternoon carpool are not allowed to buckle campers into car seats.   We ask that you pull forward a little, when the way is clear, and buckle them in there so that we can keep the line moving. 

The Summer Camp Office is the first classroom in the building adjacent to the lower parking lot.  If you need any assistance, help with directions or paperwork, or have any general questions, you can stop by here for help. 

*The Summer Camp Office is also where you need to check in your camper(s) if you arrive late (after 8:30am), or to pick-up your camper early (see Dismissal). 

*You may not leave campers unattended anywhere on campus, or at any time.  You must escort late arrivals to the Camp Office and check them in with our staff. 

*If your child will be absent we ask that you call the camp office, at 703-842-0499, prior to 8:30am.