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Classroom Management

Burgundy Farm Summer Day Camp Rules:

  1. Respect Each Other.
  2. Respect Burgundy.
  3. Have Fun!

The counselors are the teachers in the classrooms.  They will monitor and mentor the campers throughout their day and assist them with projects, conflict resolution, daily activities, adjusting to summer camp, and any other help or assistance that they may need.  They will create an all-inclusive environment that is safe, warm, and engaging for all of our campers, where everyone is welcome and everyone belongs.  Many of our camp counselors are former Burgundy campers and students, and most have worked at the Burgundy Farm Summer Day Camp for multiple summers. 

Lead Counselors – are usually professional teachers or college students going to school for education or a related field.  They are the leaders in the classroom and are directly responsible for campers and staff. 

Assistant Counselors – are usually college students or older high school students with summer camp experience.  They assist the Lead Counselor in all the daily activities as well as monitor campers to make sure they are safe and behaving in an appropriate manner.

Junior Counselors – are high school students who are either receiving their first summer camp work experience, or, more likely, have come up through our Counselor in Training program.  They are involved in all the aspects of the camp day and assist both the Lead and Assistant counselors with their duties. 

All counselors are responsible for your camper’s well-being and safety during their time at camp.  This includes helping to ensure that all campers are acting and behaving in an appropriate manner that is respectful to Burgundy, the counselors, other campers, and themselves.   Counselors will use behavior management techniques to work with children while at the same time talking and listening to them to try and understand the problem.  Counselors will display patience and understanding when working with campers in an effort to get to the root of the problem and help the camper successfully rejoin the camp group and continue their day.  Sometimes behavior can be such an issue that the Camp Director will be brought in to help.  If needed, parents will be notified of the situation so it can be discussed, they can give advice and input, and help when possible while the camper is away from camp.  Every effort will be made, by all camp staff involved to keep a camper in the program. 

*Burgundy Farm Summer Day Camp does reserve the right to suspend or terminate the enrollment of any child whose behavior continues to be detrimental to other campers or staff, the overall camp experience, or the safety of anyone on campus. 

Parents should always feel comfortable speaking to camp counselors, at appropriate times, or camp administration regarding their child’s behavior and well-being.