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Emergency Preparedness

Burgundy Farm Summer Day Camp has policies and procedures in place in the event of an emergency and will regularly practice these with our campers.  Staff is trained on how to handle an evacuation, shelter in place, and lock-in.  We also have polices and procedures on how to deal with weather and other environmental emergencies.  Staff will practice with students informally on a weekly basis, as well as formally, on a monthly basis.

During the summer the same procedures are followed that are in place during the school year.  The Burgundy Crisis and Emergency Plan is explained to all seasonal staff and supported by the Camp Administration as well as school administrators who are still on campus during the summer (Head of School, Director of Finance and Operations). 

Administrators are in place to support and guide staff during any emergency situation.  If an emergency were to occur, camp administrators would communicate with parents, by email or text, just as soon as it was safe to do so.  The safety of our campers and our staff are our first priority, and we will see that all necessary steps have been taken to ensure both of those groups are indeed safe before communicating with families. 

*Each session parents will receive an invite to opt in to the text notification system used by the Burgundy Farm Summer Day Camp.  It is recommended that parents choose this option to receive texts regarding important camp wide announcements and emergency situations.