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Dismissal (3pm-3:30pm):

Afternoon Carpool dismissal begins at 3pm.  Parents are welcome to arrive as early as 2:45pm to join the carpool line.  As you pull up you will be asked to form a line on the right hand side of the drive, closest to the curb.  Once the bus is on the premises, we will begin to form 3 lines in the road just before the pick-up stations, indicated by the numbered cones.  As you come up the hill you will be instructed by a staff member when to join one of these lines, as they move up into the 4 camper pick-up stations.  Camp staff will come to check whom you are picking up, by reading the BFSDC Carpool Placard you will have displayed on your dashboard, and announce it over a loud speaker.  Campers, waiting on the Campus Commons or in the Logan Loft (in case of inclement weather) with their counselors, will listen for their name and make their way to the appropriate counselor staffed station once it is called.  Once you pull up, camp staff will assist your camper into the car.  You will receive, via email, a Burgundy carpool placard that you can write your camper(s) name on.  Please display this in the front, left corner of your windshield so it may be easily read by our camp staff.  Please print off as many as you need if you may have multiple people/cars picking up your camper(s).  Please use this official Burgundy carpool placard and DO NOT create your own or plan to just tell camp staff who you are picking up.  

Key Points of Afternoon Carpool:

*Please enter the Carpool Line by coming up the hill on Norton Road towards Franconia Road so you will make a RIGHT TURN onto campus.  If you arrive from Franconia Road and come down the hill on Norton Road, please make a RIGHT on Burgundy Road at the stop sign, then your first LEFT on South Quaker, then your first LEFT on Elmwood, then a LEFT on Norton Road to join the Carpool Line. 

*Do not make U-turns in intersections or in the middle of the road, or pull into driveways to turn around.  Rather, follow the turning instructions listed above to join the Carpool Line in the right direction.

*Stay as close as you can to the curb while waiting in the Carpool Line on Norton Road to allow neighborhood traffic to get by. 

*Please be respectful to our neighbors and do not block any driveways while you wait in the Carpool Line.

*Please drive courteously and gently when arriving to and leaving from our campus.

*BFSDC Counselors that assist with afternoon carpool are not allowed to buckle campers into car seats.   We ask that you pull forward a little, when the way is clear, and buckle them in there so that we can keep the line moving. 

Once you have picked up your campers you will proceed up the hill, around the traffic circle, and back down the hill to exit campus.  There is no passing during carpool, and you must wait for the car in front of you to pull out of their pick-up station before you pull out of yours. 

We ask that you do not get out of your car during carpool.  As you come up the hill there is no passing at all!  Please wait patiently in line and pay attention to all the camp staff as they assist and direct you.  If you want to park and walk up to the Campus Commons or into the Logan Loft to pick up your camper(s), we ask that you park in the lower parking lot right outside the Camp Office.  Please be aware that parking on campus is very limited!  There is no parking in, or backing up to depart from the traffic circle during carpool arrival or dismissal.  This is a safety issue, as many staff and campers are moving around at this time.  There are also very limited parking spaces in the traffic circle, and no room to back out, so you are asked to park in the lower lot if you wish to park and walk-in. 


*The speed limit on campus is 5mph!

*Please do not be on your phone during dismissal!

*There is no passing as you come up the hill towards the traffic circle!

*Pay attention to all staff as they assist and direct you!

*Have your placard in the front left corner of your windshield!


After Camp Care

Campers who stay for our Extended Day Program (3pm-6pm) will have a wide range of activities they can participate in, including: swimming, music, art, playground time, group games, computer lab, and quiet reflective time.  The swimming during Extended Day, while closely monitored by our lifeguards, is not instructional.  Also, campers will have an afternoon snack provided by Burgundy.

Parents picking up from Extended Day will park and walk to their campers Extended Day location. Parents will be asked to sign-out their camper with the Ex Day staff.  Please be aware that, as campers make choices for different activities around campus, that it may take a minute or two to have your child sent back to Ex Day.  Camp staff may ask to see identification before allowing a pick-up to take place, especially if it is not a parent picking-up, or someone not known to the camp staff.  We appreciate your patience as we double-check our records before safely releasing our campers.Parents are able to pick-up their child any time between 3:30 pm and 6:00 pm.  At 6 pm Ex Day staff bring all remaining campers down to the Summer Camp Office.  If you are late to pick up your child please go straight to the Summer Camp Office.     


Extended Day operates in 3 different locations, distinguished by age and camp group:

Lower Division Bunnies, Ducks, Chipmunks, and Foxes:

Early Childhood Classrooms (adjacent to the big playground)

Lower Division Dinos, Raccoons, Hawks, Eagles, and Middle Division:

Extended Day Building (below First Grade)

Upper Division and CIT:

First Grade Classrooms (just past the Main Office/Nurse Office)


*This program is not offered as a drop-in service and must be registered for by the session.

*The fee for this program is $130/week. 

*You can use transportation in addition to After Camp Care, but you must be sure to register for the 5p.m. Bus.