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Special Events

From time to time we will have special events or dress up days that campers and families are invited to participate in.  Below is a schedule of these events for the upcoming summer.  Please note, that this schedule may change during the summer, and all parties involved will be notified by email of any such change. 

Parent /Camper Orientation:

Saturday, June 16th, 2-4pm

This year the Parent/Camper Orientation will be split into two separate sessions: 

*2-3pm: Camp Paperwork Session – families can come and meet with staff to complete/turn-in the VA Health Form, the Proof of Identity/Program Registration forms and the Medicine Authorization Form as well as check-in accompanying medicine(s). 

*If your paperwork is taken care of and submitted you DO NOT need to attend this portion for the event!

*3-4pm: Orientation Presentation: chance to meet camp staff and see your camp locations. 

*This portion of the event is for camp families as well as the campers.


Dress-up Days for Campers and Staff:

Week 1: Fun Friday – Wear your favorite soccer (or other sport) jersey

Week 2: Fun Friday – Crazy hat or crazy hair day

Week 3: Fun Tuesday – Dress in Red, White, and Blue!

Week 4: Fun Friday – Dress in tie dye

Week 5: Fun Friday – Dress like your favorite superhero

Week 6: Fun Friday – Dress like a pirate

Week 7: Fun Friday – Dress like a celebrity (movie star or rock star)

Week 8: Fun Friday – Dress like a farmer


Summer Stage Performances:

All performances will be held at 1:30pm in the brand new Logan Loft, unless otherwise noted.  All family/friends of campers in the current session of Summer Stage are invited to join us for these performances, and will receive an email closer to the date of the performance.

Weeks 3&4: Friday, July 13

Weeks 5&6: Friday, July 27

Weeks 7&8: Friday, August 10


Burgundy Outdoors Camp Out/Cook-Outs:

All cookouts will be from 5:30-7:00pm and are for parents and siblings of the Upper Division Burgundy Outdoors camp ONLY.  Parents of campers registered for that session of Burgundy Outdoors will receive and email invitation closer to the date of the event.  

Weeks 3&4: Thursday, July 12

Weeks 5&6: Thursday, July 26

Weeks 7&8: Thursday, August 9


Burgundy Idol Talent Show:

All Week 7 parents are invited to attend!  Camper participation is optional.  BFSDC will notify parents if their camper has chosen to perform.

Week 7, Friday, August 3rd at 1pm


Every Wednesday: Ice Cream Day! 

All campers are able to visit the ice cream truck, after lunch, and pick one ice cream or Popsicle.

*All options are nut free.


Every Thursday: Water Slide Day! 

Age appropriate water slides are brought in for the campers to enjoy!