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Health and Safety

Health and Safety:

All pool staff, Lead Counselors, and Camp Administration have their first aid/CPR/AED certifications.  In addition, lifeguards are all certified and multiple members of the pool staff have their Pool Operators License.  A RN staffs the Health Clinic during the camp day.  The Camp Nurse is responsible for taking care of any health issues during the camp season, administering any medication that a camper may need while at camp, and overseeing the medical records of all campers and staff. 

Campers who feel ill or are injured are brought to the Health Clinic where the Camp Nurse will treat them.  A child with a contagious illness, a severe cold, sore throat, or cough, or who has a badly upset stomach, will be sent home.  Any child displaying these symptoms should not be sent to camp that day.  A child with a fever should be kept at home for 24 hours after the temperature has returned to normal. 

*Please notify the camp office immediately about any child who has a contagious illness or infection.  

Counselors will closely monitor campers to make sure they are all feeling okay, and will enlist the help of the Camp Nurse when needed. Counselors will also encourage the campers to self advocate for their health and well being, asking them to let them know when they are not feeling well, injured, or concerned about something. 

Additionally, the counselors will walk campers through a tick check at appropriate times during the day.  This is a quick check of exposed skin areas and the outside of clothes, particularly socks and shoes.  It is highly encouraged that parents do a more thorough tick check in the evenings with their camper.  If an embedded tick is found on a camper during the camp day it is camp policy that we do not attempt to remove the tick, but, we will call the parents right away to make them aware of the situation, so that they might choose how they want to proceed.  

In the case of serious injury, camp administration and the Camp Nurse will respond.  Parents will be notified and, if necessary, emergency services will be called.


If your child needs to take any medicine, prescription or over the counter, or will have an Epi-pen at camp; you MUST fill out the Medication Authorization Form.  This form must be filled out completely or it will not be accepted.  There is a portion for the Doctor’s office to complete and a portion for the parent to complete.  Both of these portions must be filled out completely, with as much detail as possible.  The medicine must match exactly what is on the form.  The medicine must be current and not expired.  The form and the medication must be turned in together to the Camp Nurse on or before the camper’s first day.  It is highly recommended that this be done before the first day of camp in case there are any issues and we cannot accept the form/medicine, as well as to avoid delays.  These policies are in accordance with our licensing and cannot be amended.