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Burgundy is happy to offer the option of Bus Transportation to our campers and their families.  Below are the details of our Transportation service.  Please be aware that the scheduled times may vary if the bus is early or late, and that all campers should be at their bus stop 10 minutes early just in case.  The Camp Office will communicate, via email, advanced warning if a bus is running late, early, or any other situation arises which may impact the transportation schedule.  The bus also cannot wait for a parent who is late to the stop more than a couple of minutes, as this will impact the entire transportation schedule.  The driver will keep the camper on the bus, notify the Camp Office, which will then notify the parents to arrange pick-up.  No camper will ever be left unattended or without a designated adult to pick them up. 


Morning/3p.m. Bus Times:

Washington, DC                     AM Pick UP: 7:20a.m.             PM Drop Off: 4-4:15p.m.

Eastern Market METRO

(7th and Carolina)


Arlington, VA                          AM Pick UP: 7:55a.m.             PM Drop Off: 3:45p.m.

Pentagon City

(Starbucks on S. Hayes St)


Alexandria, VA                       AM Pick Up: 8:15a.m.            PM Drop Off: 3:20p.m.

Old Town Alexandria Safeway

(500 S. Royal St)


5p.m. Extended Day Bus Times:

Alexandria, VA                                                                       PM Drop Off: 5:15p.m.

Prince and Payne Streets

*Different location then AM and 3PM Bus!!


Arlington, VA                                                                          PM Drop Off: 5:45p.m.

Pentagon City

(Starbucks on S. Hayes St)


Washington, DC                                                                     PM Drop Off: 6:05p.m.

Eastern Market METRO

(7th and S. Carolina)


*This program is not offered as a drop-in service and must be registered for by the session.

*The fee for this program is $105/week/one-way trip.