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Inclement Weather Policies

As you are aware, our region during the summer has many thunderstorms.  As with everything we do at Burgundy, the safety of your children is our number one priority.  When there is thunder and/or lightning (thunder signals lightning, whether we are seeing it or not), we get and keep the children inside. Period. All data and research confirm to us that this is the only policy. [See NBOAA links below.]

Sometimes the storm passes quickly and other storms linger.  If a storm happens during carpool, we will delay or stop carpool until we deem enough time has passed after the cessation of the thunder and lightning.  We recognize this will cause a delay, but we will not risk the lives and safety of children or staff in favor of a delay. Below is a link to an article talking about thunderstorms in the month of July:

We are grateful for your cooperation.  Below is our Burgundy Summer Day Camp weather policy.

Camp Activities and Inclement Weather

During inclement weather campers will remain inside and participate in fun and engaging counselor led activities.  In light to moderate rain campers may still swim as long the lifeguards have sufficient visibility and there is no thunder or lightning.  If the pool becomes too disrupted and visibility is limited, or thunder and/or lightning is observed, all swim times will be cancelled.   Lifeguards and the camp leadership have complete discretion when it comes to canceling swim time and have strict guidelines that must be followed in regards to thunder, lightning, and pool visibility.  

If a severe thunderstorm or tornado warning is issued all counselors will be instructed to remain inside with their campers until the "all clear" call is issued by camp administration.  All outdoor activities, including swimming, will be suspended until the weather clears and any missed swim times will be made up as schedules allow.  

We want to ensure a fun summer for your campers and do not want to cancel any activities, but we must also be mindful of the weather and maintain the safety of our campers and our staff.  If you have any questions or concerns please contact the Camp Office.  

Dismissal and Inclement Weather

If we have moderate to heavy rain at dismissal time, then we will proceed with dismissal as normal.  Please be sure to pay attention to any staff giving directions when you pull into the campus, and please be patient as it may take a little extra time to get the campers to their cars in the rain.  Safety is our number one concern when it comes to dismissing our campers. 

If there is thunder, lightning, severe storms, or a tornado warning, then we will stop our dismissal process until it is safe to continue.  We will keep the campers inside the Logan Loft and/or Gym or the interior of the Middle School (for tornado or severe winds warning) and ask that parents not get out of their cars to come and personally pick children up, but wait until Burgundy Farm Summer Day Camp leadership decide it is safe to continue the carpool dismissal.  We appreciate your patience and understanding if a delay is necessary, but it takes only one bolt of lightning or one falling tree to create a tragedy, and safety here is our number one shared priority.  Please see the links below for NOAA information.

**Burgundy will give parents the opportunity to opt-in to "Emergency Alert Texts" which will allow Burgundy to inform parents of certain events on campus, including any delays in arrival/dismissal.  We will do all we can to keep parents informed about the status of arrival/dismissal so that they can plan accordingly. 

You may always contact the Camp Office (703-842-0499) if you have any questions or concerns.  Your assistance is greatly appreciated as we safely and calmly dismiss our campers.  Thank you!