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Camp Partners

2019 Burgundy Farm Summer Day Camp Partners:  

Engineering For Kids 

Engineering For Kids brings science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM), to kids ages 4 to 14 in a fun and challenging way through classes, camps, clubs, and parties. We are proud to inspire children to build on their natural curiosity by teaching engineering concepts through hands-on learning. Engineering is, after all, one of the fastest growing industries in the world!

Learn more about Engineering For Kids here: 

For questions please contact us at:


Excite Soccer at camp

Excite Soccer 

Excite Soccer is a fun loving educational soccer program for children ages 3 and up. Children are encouraged to develop their mental, physical, and social abilities through creative soccer games and other activities taught by highly experienced staff. Participants learn individual skills, teamwork, and most importantly have fun! We emphasize mastering basic coordination and agility with and without a soccer ball, as well as providing an environment that builds confidence.

This will be Excite Soccer's third summer at Burgundy. Coach Steve is back this summer to continue working with BFSDC campers on their skills and enjoyment of the “beautiful game”. Coach Steve brings a great mixture of humor and hard work to his camps, and is enjoyed by campers and staff alike! Excite Soccer will be offering their program to the Middle Division and the Upper Division all summer long.

Please visit the Excite Soccer website if you would like to learn more about all of their programs:


Pottery Playground 

Val and Kate head up some of the most ARTrageously creative classes for kids in Northern Virginia!  Since 2005, Pottery Playground has brought the joy and excitement of pottery painting, fused glass, mosaics, and mixed media directly to kids . . . whether in their school, camp, home, or church!  

We think kids are the BEST!  And, we work hard to ensure  every single artist learns, enjoys, and loves the creative process.  Our job is done when we see a child's pride explode and self-esteem rise from the "ooohs and aaahhs" received from family and friends who are impressed by the final masterpiece.  One thing is certain: A FUNtastic time is guaranteed for all!

You can lean more about Pottery Playground here:


Silver Knights Chess:  

Silver Knights Enrichment is a family-owned small business based in Northern Virginia.  We teach chess and computer coding enrichment activities in 250+ schools and community centers, and we run chess and coding camps all over the D.C. and Baltimore metro areas.

You can learn more about Silver Knights Chess here:

Silver Knights Robotics: **Brand New Camp for Summer 2019!**

Silver Knights Enrichment is a family-owned small business based in Northern Virginia.  We teach chess and computer coding enrichment activities in 250+ schools and community centers, and we run chess and coding camps all over the D.C. and Baltimore metro areas.

You can learn more about Silver Knights Robotics here:


Boolean Girls Coding and STEM Camps for Girls: **Brand New Camp for Summer 2019!**

Boolean Girl, a non profit corporation, was founded in 2014 to address the declining numbers of girls and women in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) fields by engaging girls in grades three through eight with meaningful, hands-on instruction and sustained exposure to computer science and engineering in a collaborative and welcoming environment.  We provide online courses, After-school clubs, all-girl summer camps, special events, and partnerships - preparing girls everywhere to explore computer programming and engineering.

You can learn more about Boolean Girls at their website:


Alexandria Children's Theatre: **Brand New Camp for Summer 2019!**

Alexandria Children's Theatre is a brand new opportunity for area children to learn about acting and performing led by veteran drama instructor Roberta Masters-Cullen. Saturday classes start here at Burgundy this spring for ages 5 - 12, followed by four fun summer camps and a debut performance to kick off the holiday season. The unique summer camp partnership with Burgundy provides the rare opportunity of swimming each day with performances on a state-of-the-art stage. Thousands of children have had their first acting experience with Roberta at the Little Theatre of Alexandria and in the Alexandria City public schools over the past twelve years, and now the fun continues here at Burgundy! The ACT website is still under a bit of construction, but take a look here:


NOVA Fencing Club, Fencing Camp: 

Nova Fencing Club offers Beginner Fencing and Fencing Classes for kids and adults in a fun, safe, and exciting environment.  Our philosophy is simple: we strive for excellence because the better the fencing, the bigger the fun.

Whether you are an experienced competitive fencer, recreational fencer, or a beginner, Nova Fencing Club welcomes you.  We refine and improve the skills of fencers who strive to compete at the highest national and international level, and we encourage and develop fencers of all ages and ability levels.  We offer fencing instruction through classes, camps, and individual lessons.  Nova Fencing Club promotes excellence, sportsmanship, and safety in a friendly environment.

Nova Fencing Club is committed to introducing the sport of fencing to youth and adults.  We are dedicated to the development and education of both recreational and competitive fencers using a philosophy of positive learning.  We strive to develop life skills such as discipline, dedication, commitment, and critical thinking in an atmosphere that is fun and exciting.  Nova Fencing Club's program also builds confidence, perseverance, and a positive body image.

Nova Fencing Club was established in 2016 and has already developed many Regional, National and International tournament winners and medalists. 

You can learn more about the NOVA Fencing Club here:


KSS Programs Tae Kwon Do:  

KSS Programs promotes the well being of children through numerous enrichment activities in four areas: Performing Arts, Scholastic, Creative Arts, and Sports and Movement. KSS Programs believes the development of children is reached when they are interacting in an educational environment. Classes, camps, and programs are professionally designed to develop motor skills, promote physical fitness and create self-confidence in kids and young children.

You can learn more about KSS Programs here:



MathTree began in 1999 with just a couple of summer camp locations with all camps being taught by MathTree’s founder, Dr. Lynn Salvo. Since then, MathTree has added multiple locations across Northern Virginia, Maryland, and DC. When Dr. Salvo retired in 2014, Ken and Joni Whitaker began to lead the team of over 30 MathTree instructors.

At MathTree we love math, we love kids, and we love teaching kids math. From our adult perspective, we are aware of the continuum of math skills. When we teach a young child what a fraction means, we know that one day our explanation may help that child understand trigonometry. At the heart of MathTree is the belief that all children can learn math and the realization that each child learns differently. With this belief at our core, the Lesh Translation model, which connects modes of learning, was used in the development of our proprietary curriculum.

It’s hard to believe that just two weeks of math in the summer can make a difference in a child’s success, but it does. Research shows that students who don’t do math over the summer lose as much as 2 months of skills. Two weeks at MathTree can fill in the gaps and add new math skills to a child’s repertoire. And, we make math fun, so your child will want more.

To learn more about all of MathTree's programs, including the ones being offered at Burgundy this summer, visit:

MathTree will be offering the following programs during Session 5 of our summer program:

Bean Counting 201

Campers meet Grouper, the Regrouper, one of the “mathical” characters who will guide campers through the essential process of regrouping that is used in addition and subtraction. Campers will use real beans and test tubes to develop a solid understanding of place value. Exploration in the world of odd and even numbers, patterns, and the creation of a Digit Atlas engage campers and make math fun!

Goal: The ultimate goal of this camp is that campers will be able to subtract multi-digit numbers that involve regrouping. (200 – 67)

Multiplication Matters

Campers learn the 36 multiplication facts, the roots from which much of the rest of math grows, through a proprietary MathTree® process that provides a rock-solid conceptual base for multiplication while enhancing fact solving and memory with a variety of mathematically based "tricks" with exotic names such as 6 x Even ant Thumbs Up, many using hand configurations. No flash cards! Instead, campers connect to the multiplication facts engage them physically, verbally, and auditorily. Campers play plenty of math games and use manipulatives for an assortment of math activities.

Goal: The goal for this camp is that campers learn what multiplication is, when to use it, and the basic multiplication facts of single digit numbers.


MathTree Roots utilizes real-life situations, physical objects, drawings and narratives to build a strong foundation of math in the minds and the hearts of campers! Fractions and division are the focus of group instruction for this camp, while, individually, campers begin their climb up the MathTree®, our proprietary skill system that customizes to the camper’s pursuit of math skills. Campers should be fluent with single-digit multiplication prior to participating in MathTree Roots.

Goal: The goal is that campers will develop an understanding of fractions and division. Each camper will begin their individual climb through the basic skills that are the foundation of all math understanding.

Roots to Leaves

**Kids entering 5th to 7th grade in the fall

Campers use the proprietary skill system to refresh, sharpen, and extend their repertoire of math skills. Skills include the 4 basic operations plus fractions, decimals and percents. More advanced campers develop their skills in integers, absolute value, order of operations, exponents, radicals and complex fractions.