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Session 1

A Story from Our Storybook Adventure

Bunnies and Ducks

This week in the Bunnies and the Ducks we had so much fun! In the beginning of the week, we learned everyone's name and their favorite animal. During our pool time, we reached major accomplishments such as putting our faces in the water and floating on our backs! This week in specials we played with Playdough, learned the song “Little Bunny Foo Foo,” and played Sharks and Minnows in sports and games. One of the favorite activities that we did this week was play the game freeze dance. The kids loved dancing to songs like “How Far I’ll Go” from Moana. Another favorite activity was reading the stimulating book, Big Cat by Ethan Long. We’ve had an exciting week and cannot wait for more to come!

Hope to see you all next week, Molly, Kyra, Natalia, Taylor, and Ena



The Chipmunks had a very fun and very busy first week of camp! The campers enjoyed experimenting with slime in science, observing frogs and insects on the playground and brainstorming stories for storybook day. All of our Chipmunks loved swimming in the pool, going down the water slides, and visiting the ice cream truck.

See you all soon, Ronica, Katie, Toe, and Jack



This week, the Foxes had a great time discovering the multiple playgrounds Burgundy has to offer. One day they even found a turtle hiding under some branches! They also loved seeing all the animals in the barn and made sure to say hi to Lulu the pig and Angel the horse. In music they heard the story "The Three Ninja Pigs" and sang the classic "Little Bunny Foo Foo." They also got to explore outer space in a game called "space ship down" in Sports and Games, and learned how to make bubble wands in Science. On ice-cream day we discovered that the SpongeBob ice cream was the class favorite and, of course, the Foxes love pool time and water slide day.

In the classroom they read lots of good books, built rafts out of blocks, challenged each other to games of Connect 4, and played musical chairs to music from around the world. We've had a great week together and cannot wait for many more to come!

-Sydney, Mary Claire, and Tim



The first week of summer camp was fantastic and filled with all new faces to meet as well as some old friends. This week’s theme was Storybook Adventure! Dinos enjoyed reading some of their favorite books from the Burgundy Library. The Dinos had the opportunity to work as a group to create their own story, complete with a plot, characters, and lots of action. The story was filled with superheroes and villains disguised as Pop-tarts. Counselors enjoyed the short play as the campers acted out the story. We enjoyed ice cream on Wednesday and the really big water slide on Thursday. On Friday the Dinos fully embraced storybook theme by dressing up as their favorite characters from their favorite stories. What a fun week, and just like the song we learned in Music, we “made new friends but kept the old!”

-Have a great weekend, Jasmine, Liam, Matthew



The Raccoons have had a wonderful time this week exploring Burgundy and the worlds of storytelling and book characters! Everyone had a good time getting to know each other We all enjoyed having books read to us every day by one of the counselors and coloring some comic book characters during free time. The Raccoon campers even spent some time creating, drawing, and writing about their own characters!

The Raccoons also really enjoyed going to our ¨specials¨ this week! In Sports and Games we all had fun playing hula hoop tag and doing an obstacle course. On Wednesday, everyone showed off their amazing voices while learning camp songs in Music and then got to enjoy our first ice cream truck visit of the summer! Our first exciting, giant water slides came on Thursday and we all had a blast. We closed out the week on Friday with a book reading by children’s author, Nick Bruel, who writes and illustrates the Bad Kitty book series!

We cannot wait to have more fun next week with the Raccoons!

-Abby, Matt, Jarel, Maggie, and Max


Hawks and Eagles

The Hawks and the Eagles had a great week! In music with Michael we learned new songs and sang some familiar songs like "Make New Friends." Michael also read us a story about the Anansi the spider. In Science, we made bubble wands and we got to play with hula hoops with Ivana in Sports and Games. Niña, Jaelen, and Noah led a craft where we traced the outline of our bodies out on big pieces of paper with a buddy. After, we got to draw ourselves as a storybook character or make up a story inside our outline! It was lots of fun! We also got to eat lunch outside almost everyday and spend lots of time at all the playgrounds at camp! We also loved going to the pool everyday, getting ice cream on Wednesday, and going on the water slides on Thursday! We can't wait for another great week!

See you next week, Nina, Noah, and Jaelen


Excite Soccer

This week in Excite Soccer we played World Cup, where players were split up into four different teams, each team picking their country. Wednesday was fact day, and campers brought in facts about their country’s team to score points for the tournament. Thursday, campers dressed in the colors of their World Cup team, and on Friday we had the World Cup championship.

Thanks, Coach Steve



This week was chemistry week in science. On Monday we explored food chemistry. The campers made ice cream and talked about endo- and exothermic reactions. Tuesday was solubility day and we made Kool-Aid to look at different concentrations of powder and how different water temperatures affect dissolving rates. Wednesday we looked at surface tension using bubbles. On Thursday we tested common household items to determine whether they were acids or bases, as well as finding their pH. We studied non-Newtonian fluids on Friday and talked about substances that don’t flow like normal liquids by playing with flubber and making slime.

Sincerely, Bianca, Christina, and Sean


Engineering for Kids

Over the course of this week, we learned about computer science by making programs with Scratch. We wrote code for games, and learned about certain terms like "If, then" statements, Conditions, and loops. After making new games every day, the students are going home with a USB containing all the projects they worked on. Everyone can use their games at home on a website or the software can be downloaded onto your computer for free.

Sincerely, Katie and Daniel


Nature Navigators

The Nature Navigators had an awesome first week of camp exploring the outdoors and discovering new things! We made friends and helped each other write our nature names with sticks, stones, and leaves. After learning how to use a compass we were able to navigate all around campus, whether it was to the barn, the pool, or just the trails to look for bugs. We even got in touch with our zen side for some Nature Yoga.

On Wednesday, we searched high and low for clues on a treasure hunt that led us to the slide, the barn, the pool, and even the volleyball court. After all our hard work we were relieved for some ice cream and even had a second treat of popsicles on Friday for Counselor Lizzie's birthday! We can't wait for next week and we hope we'll see you all again.

One for nature, and nature for all!

- Lizzie, Caitlin, and Stephanie


Visual Arts

We explored a wide variety of art mediums through many different projects this week in Visual Arts! Both divisions participated in color scavenger hunts around campus, a fun art game that resulted in a mixed media collage, and lots of fun and laughter! We even got to cap off our week with an amazing visit from children’s author Nick Bruel. Some of the projects we worked on were self portraits, blackout poetry, tie dye and sculpting with playdough.



This week at Lego Maniacs we challenged our building skills, created mind-blowing structures, and raced cars - even though some of us are a solid 10 years away from our license! On Thursday we walked around campus to look at the design and structure of the bridges, and then tested our own bridges to see which could hold the most weight. Throughout the week campers were able to work in pairs on certain challenges, sharing their ideas and visions with each other. We ended the week by designing our own creations on paper, and then switching with each other to try to build each others creations! Every camper earned their Lego Master Certification and a received a certificate to honor the milestone!

Happy building, Kate and Wellington


Thank you to all of our campers and camp families for such a successful first week of camp!  Don’t forget next week’s theme is Red, White, and Blue! Have a wonderful weekend and we look forward to seeing you on Monday!


Take a look at some of the action from our first week of camp:


Nature Navigators
Nature Navigators enjoy some shade on the playground.
Campers in photography pause at the pond to take a look at the pictures they’ve taken.
Water Tables
Campers play in the water table.
Author Nick Bruel
Author Nick Bruel talks to the camp about how he writes his story books.
Author Nick Bruel
Campers listening to author Nick Bruel talk about how he comes up with his story ideas.
Campus Walk
Bunnies and Ducks out and about exploring the campus on a nature walk.


Storybook Characters
Campers show off their storybook character costumes.
Foxes pool
The Foxes head to the pool for swim time.
Proud Chipmunks with big smiles Friday morning.
The Raccoons have fun playing on the playground.
Pool Rules
Head Lifeguard Phillip goes over pool rules with campers.