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Summer 2018, Week 1


The Bunnies had a great first week at Burgundy! We all learned each others’ names, favorite color and animal. We spent some time inside, creating fun sculptures with play-dough and using teamwork to build different buildings with Legos. We also read many books, like Boo Hoo Bird and I am an Ankylosaurus. We enjoyed our time outside playing on the Discovery Playground; swinging, going down the big slide, and playing in the water well. We loved going to music, art, science, and sports; but our favorite activity was definitely pool time! This was a great start to a super exciting summer!



This week the Ducks had a great first week at camp! We started the week off with introductions and learning about our favorite color. Every morning we learned a new favorite fact about every Duck. The main highlight of the week was getting able to play in the amazing rocketship and time machine that the Burgundy kindergarten class built and left behind! When the Ducks weren’t playing in the rocketship or time machine, they enjoyed playing freeze dance. To close out the week, the Ducks got a chance to visit the barn and feed worms to the chickens. The Ducks cannot wait for the upcoming weeks to have even more fun!



The Dinos had a very eventful and exciting first week! Kicking off the summer, we got to know all of our new friends at camp and participated in plenty of fun activities. We played basketball and explored nature outside of our classroom, created art projects, learned new songs, played new games, and at the end of the week celebrated the World Cup in a special Dino way. The campers all were given the opportunity to design their own World Cup Trophy and even played their own World Cup in a game of Crab Soccer. Nature tried to intervene with our plans this week with the unfortunate weather, however the Dinos would not let that stop us as we got as much fun out of every moment as we possibly could. Thank you to our campers for such a fun week, we loved having you all in our group!
— The Dino Counselors



The Chipmunks had a great first week at Burgundy! We were all able to learn each other’s names and get to know our counselors. We spent some time inside, creating fun sculptures with play-dough and using teamwork to build lots of different things with blocks. We also read many books, like Pirate Dinosaurs and Reptile City. We enjoyed our time outside playing on the Discovery Playground; swinging, going down the big slide, and playing in the water well.  We loved going to music, art, science, and sports; but our favorite activity was definitely bubble machine freeze dance! This was a great start to a super exciting summer!


The Foxes had a GREAT first week of camp. The pool is still a class favorite and we really enjoyed meeting and feeding all the animals! This week new friendships have been formed, dances to "Desmond the Dinosaur" have been learned, and musical chairs has been played. We had a great time showing off our awesome somersault skills and digging for buried treasure in multiple different playgrounds! We can't wait to see what the rest of the summer has in store for us!



The Raccoons had a wonderful, action-packed first week of camp! We loved getting to know each other and exploring the Burgundy campus. Everyone also enjoyed participating in WORLD CUP CAMP! The Raccoons divided into teams from different countries, learned some of the rules of soccer, and then played. They did amazing and everyone had great teamwork. On Friday, the Raccoons colored the flags of and learned about the different countries they represented to really get into the spirit of the World Cup.

Everyone also enjoyed learning about their muscles and meeting the barnyard animals in science, playing parachute games and "See ya!" in sports, making soccer medals in art, and rocking out in music to "Dinosaur Rock" and "Little Red Wagon." Of course, our Raccoons loved ice cream Wednesday and water slide Thursday as well.

We can't wait for another great week!

— Raccoons Counselors: Abby, Matt, Maggie, Natalia, and Diana



This week the Hawks enjoyed exploring the beautiful Burgundy campus as well as getting to meet new friends. Some of the Hawks favorite activities this week were the pool, meeting/playing with other camp groups at the playground, and a dance party with our neighbors, the Eagles. The counselors, Taylor, Jaelen, and Tim loved getting to know your kids and hope to see them again this summer.



What an awesome first week! We began this week by playing some games in the classroom like “A Big Wind Blows,” and “This or That,” so everyone could get to know each other a little better. When not flying around like crazy at our playground or the Dome, the Eagles learned about different world instruments and designed their own World Cup medals and uniforms. We ended the week dividing the class into different countries and playing finger soccer! The Eagles had a great first week!



Photography had a fun-filled first week of camp. We learned how to use the basic functions on the DSLR cameras in the upper division group, and had fun with waterproof point-and-shoot cameras in middle division. All campers learned how to upload their files from their cameras onto the computer, and at the end of the week made iMovies with all of the pictures they took. On Tuesday and Wednesday we learned about stop motion animation, and the kids created their own stop motion movies using an app on iPad. Campers will all be bringing home a USB drive on the last day of the session with all of their files.



This week Engineering for Kids has been working on programming and game design.

The lower division has been working with Scratch to develop games where they pop balloons with a webcam, and a scratch version of Pong! The upper division has been working with a program called Clickteam Fusion to make a Mario-styled platformer game. Both divisions have learned about what game sprites are, how to design them, and how to make them interact with other objects in different ways. We've also gone over different programming terms and what they do, like If/Then statements, conditions, and loops.


Lego Legends

This week in Lego Maniacs campers were challenged to build all kinds of things! We started the week off by designing and building skyscrapers — first with our shoes, then with Legos — and had some that were even taller than the counselors! We raced cars on Tuesday, with a couple campers setting a new camp record! We had cars that traveled 90+ inches! Wednesday things got a little messy with the always classic egg drop, and to finish off the week we built and tested boats to see how much they could support in the water.


Excite Soccer

Welcome back Soccer! It is World Cup season which means this summer is extra special. This week we had Italy, Sweden, Wales, and Germany playing in the AM group. Each player is leaning facts about their country’s and the world cup teams with Fact Day and Flag Day giving campers the chance to win World Cup points. The PM group had three teams competing Portugal, Iraq, and Wales. The final games on Friday determined who would win the week one World Cup! Go Soccer!


ARTrageous ARTventures

Mud Monday started the first week of Art camp with a SPLAT! Kids in both sessions created sweet masterpieces from clay — AM camp made precious “hand bowls” (of their hands) and the PM camp made a mix of plaques, bowls, and animals. Fired Arts continued with kids designing their own premade bisque plates that will be food safe when returned after kiln firing. (Note:  parents will receive an email notifying them that their pottery is in the camp office.) Bright, bold colors and abstract design dominated the mixed media portion of Art this week, with campers studying the works of various modern and graffiti street artists, such as Brazilian neo-pop artist Romero Britto, contemporary artist Carla Girard, and street muralist James Goldcrown.


Tae Kwon Do

Tae kwon do has been a blast! Students have learned the importance of manners, self control, teamwork and self discipline. They have also developed strength, flexibility, and balance through our various forms and exercises. It has been a lot of fun and a great learning experience for everyone! We are looking forward to another awesome week next week!

Nature Navigators

Week 1 of Nature Navigators was awesome! The daily rhythm included fun activities based around the theme (think stealth-like and cooperative games that teach nature concepts, crafts, scavenger hunts, songs, stories, and science investigations using outdoor nature items.) Campers collected stones and decorated them to use for cairns along our nature trails. Map day was a success! We created maps of the campgrounds, and combined them to merge as one big map. Next week along with more fun activities we will create nature frames!



This week in middle and upper division science we explored the science of earth and water. We started off by exploring the beautiful Burgundy campus and learning about some of the nature we have here. We then made and had a boat Olympics. We learned about buoyancy and why boats and other objects float and sink. The campers all enjoyed building and testing new boats to succeed at the different challenges we had.


Lower Division Art

Lower Division campers had a great time in art this week! We started the week by talking about the World Cup and making our own soccer medals with paper, streamers, and glitter. Campers will be able to wear them when they are sent home! We also designed our own soccer uniforms and used them to make 3D pictures of soccer players. The campers had fun creating in art and we can't wait for you to see the projects they made! Campers also did a great job demonstrating friendship, working together, and cleaning up after the end of art each day. See you next week!


Lower Division Sports and Games

We had a great first week in the gym playing games with lower division campers. During the first class, we played a large group tag game called "See You" using hula hoops as a temporary safe base. After the game, the kids practiced hula hooping, rolling hula hoops, and jumping through rolling hula hoops. During the second class, we did activities using a parachute. The kids enjoyed making a big mushroom/dome and hiding under it. Another game we played with the parachute was called "Cat and Mouse." The kids took turns pretending to be the cat and the mouse, while the others held the sides of the parachute and made waves.


Lower Division Science

This week in science, the kids had a blast in science! We went over the importance of muscles and how they help us to be able to move and play sports such as soccer. We did a series of tests that involved jumping, running, and throwing to figure out which of our muscles the strongest (i.e. which arm, leg, hand, foot, and eye was stronger than the other)! The kids also had the wonderful experience of going down to the barnyard and giving the animals special treats and interacting with them. We can't wait until next week to see how the kids will enjoy the new experiments!


Lower Division Music

Our focus in music and drama this week was music from around the world. Campers learned about and experienced playing various instruments from South American and African countries during our musical petting zoo. Campers also played many other instruments throughout the week such as hand drums, shakers, boomwhackers, and rhythm sticks. Through songs, games, and other fun interactive activities, campers practiced maintaining a steady beat, leading and following rhythmic patterns, working together as a team to create an ensemble, and developing other musical skills such as listening and intonation. Songs and musical games from this week include: Bluebird, Bow Wow Wow, Little Red Wagon, Engine Engine Number Nine, Round De Doo Bop, Obwisana, and The Ant, the Bug and the Bee. Sheet music and game instructions for some of these songs as well as many others can be found at