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Summer 2018, Week 2


Week 2 was a great time in the Bunnies! When meeting new friends, everyone shared their favorite ice cream flavor and movie. We had a lot of fun inside, making pretend food in the play kitchen and building Lego tracks. We read many different books like, Yummy: Eight Favorite Fairy Tales and Apples, Apples, Apples. When we went outside, we loved swinging and climbing the rope ladder at the Discovery Playground. We also really enjoyed feeding the farm animals during science time. It was another great week at Burgundy!



This week in the Ducks we had so much fun! One of the highlights of the week was getting able to paint mad scientists for mad scientist week. The Ducks loved being able to mix colors and see what new color they could create. Another favorite activity was playing in the sandbox and water table. The Ducks became scientists themselves and observed the differences of wet and dry sand! We did this by doing different activities such as digging and building sand castles. The Ducks cannot wait for another fun week at camp!



This week's theme is Mad Scientist. The Dino class participated in tons of activities that encourage them to engage in their inner mad scientist. At the beginning of this week the Dino's began to create mad scientist robots in Art class. They were able to finish mid week on Wednesday, which is also known as Ice Cream Day! During science class the Dino's learned to make their own Oobleck as a class. Oobleck is a combination of water, cornstarch, and food coloring. On Friday, the Dino class learned the process of clouds forming rain. It was a fun science experiment using shaving cream, water, food coloring, and mason jars. The Dinos had a fantastic week exploring MAD SCIENCE!



This week at Burgundy Farm Summer Day Camp our theme was mad scientist. So to honor all of our mad scientists, our Chipmunks made robots in art class, as well as a slime called Oobleck in science class! We also enjoyed our ice cream, went to the pool and to the water slides. All in all it was a very exciting week and we capped it off on Friday with crazy hair and hat day!”

-The Chipmunk Counselors


This week was another successful week for the Foxes! Many new friendships were formed and we have learned several interesting facts about worms! We had a lot of fun cultivating our artistic abilities and feeding the animals! The pool is still a class favorite and snow cones won out this week as the most popular ice cream of choice. The Foxes have had a great time exploring several of the playgrounds at Burgundy and we are looking forward maximizing our fun during the rest of camp!



The Raccoons had a great time exploring Burgundy and science this week at camp! We learned about animals at the barn and we loved seeing everyone's crazy hats and hair on Friday and getting in touch with our inner mad scientists! Everyone enjoyed making Oobleck in science, doing relay and scooter races as well as ball toss in sports and games, designing robots in art, and learning about beats and rhythm in music. Of course, our Raccoons loved ice cream Wednesday and water slide Thursday as well.

We can't wait for another great week!

— Raccoons Counselors: Abby, Matt, Maggie, Natalia, and Diana



This week at camp the hawks enjoyed Burgundy's beautiful campus all while making new friends. Some of the Hawks favorite activities this week were making Oobleck in science class and playing at the pool. The Hawks loved seeing the barn animals and playing on the many playgrounds we have. We hope to see all of these campers and more here next week and for the rest of the summer.



What a time to be an Eagle! We played the part of scientists all week, inspecting the barn animals, working on our different science crafts, and training our observation skills with some fun and intense games of rhythm maker. We also built and experimented with different types of paper airplanes. And as always, the dome playground was an Eagle favorite. Another great, fun-filled week!


Lower Division Art

This week in art campers had fun making projects that went along with our "mad scientist" theme! We started by making robots using all kinds of materials, and campers got very creative. We can't wait for you to see what your camper designed! Next we made our own scientists and decorated them, complete with lab coats and crazy hair! We had lots of fun in art and look forward to seeing you next week!


Lower Division Sports and Games

We had a fun second week in the gym playing games with Lower Division campers. During the first class, we did activities with scooters, such as relays and boat races. We played a large group game called "SNAKES IN THE GRASS" where the kids on scooters tried to tag out the ones on their feet. During the second class, we did activities with foam balls. We played "BOWLING" and "CLEAN THE YARD," where the kids moved the foam balls to the other side using their hands and feet.


Lower Division Science

This week in science the kids had a wonderful time with some messy science. With the help of oobleck the children learned all about molecules and the different states of matter. We also had a demonstration on how chemical reactions work with vinegar and baking soda ice volcanoes! The children also enjoyed interacting with the various animals at our barnyard and giving a special treat to the chickens. We can't wait to see the children next week to kick off the fourth of July with some new and exciting science experiments!


Lower Division Music

This week in Music and Drama campers embraced their inner mad scientist while singing the song, "Monster Mash". We had lots of fun playing games that encouraged campers to practice singing in tune, working together, and keeping a steady beat.  Campers also practiced their acting skills by playing improvisation games, acting as various animals, miming different sports, and acting out stories to music. One of our favorite activities this week involved using balloons to learn about beats and note values, specifically the value of a whole note. Campers also explored feeling the general tempo and mood of a song by tossing their balloons in the air to match the music that was playing.


Wow! It has been a busy week in photography! This week we focused on color composition through creating mosaics. Throughout the week they took photographs of the campus and campers. In the computer lab they used photoshop to manipulate their photos and turn them into to works of art.  The campers really captured the beauty of Burgundy. It has been an amazing creative week.



This week we worked on robotics. The campers built robots out of Legos, then programed them on computers to perform different tasks. We discussed loops, conditions, sensors, and motors over the course of the week. The middle division built new projects everyday, things like model animals like birds and alligators, then programed them to act like those animals. We also built vehicles like planes and helicopters and gave the working parts. The Upper Division made Lego Mindstorms robots, and programed them to compete against each others robots in fun games like sumo and tug of war.


Lego Legends

This week in Lego Maniacs campers were challenged to build all kinds of things! We started the week off by designing and building skyscrapers- first with our shoes, then with Legos. We had some skyscrapers that were even taller than seven feet! We built bridges on Tuesday, with a couple that held more than four pounds! Wednesday things got creative with the campers building their own Lego city! We finish off the week building and testing boats to see how much they could support in the water.


Excite Soccer

This week is the biggest world cup in two summers, making it very competitive from Monday all the way to the world cup finals on Friday. Our teams this week included; Canada, Poland, South Korea, Australia, Germany, Uganda, Brazil and Mexico. Thursday, our flag day, each team brought in their countries flag. Special shoutouts to the South Korean and German teams for bringing the biggest flags EVER!! Also this week was Coach Steves birthday in which all of the soccer campers did their best to make it a special and fun day at camp. Happy Summer to all the soccer players out there!


ARTrageous ARTventures

In art this week we explored a wide variety of different art mediums. We did drawing, painting, sculpture, weaving/looms, origami, beading and even created our own crazy hats/crowns for the dress up day on Friday. The upper division camp was very excited about loom braiding and carried that project on throughout the week. We attended morning meeting throughout the week, enjoyed ice cream on Wednesday and waterslides on Thursday. It was a fun and successful week in art camp!


Tae Kwon Do

This was yet another awesome week of camp full of kicks and laughs! We worked on developing balance, strength, flexibility, self control and self defense techniques.  The kids did a great job of listening and following directions, taking on whatever challenge was thrown at them. Everyone made visible improvements from all the hard work they put in each day.


Nature Navigators

This week in Nature Navigators we spent a lot of time outside. We did team building exercises so that the campers can get to know each other, went on a scavenger hunt so that the campers could find items to use in their picture frames that they made, and we painted the campers hands so they made make prints on a piece of bark that said 'Nature Navigators'.



This week in camp we talked about Aerodynamics. To start the week we built paper airplanes and had a bit of target practice. We learned that some types of paper make better planes than others. We did the classic egg drop and had 10 Upper Division surviving eggs while all of Middle Divisions’ eggs survived. We also built kites. Some flew, others learned the dynamics of what makes a kite stay up. We had a balloon race with several repeat winners. All in all it was a great, fun filled week in Science camp!