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Summer 2018, Week 4


The Bunnies had a great 4th week together. We spent time inside playing freeze dance and reading Ms.Lina’s Ballerinas and the Prince and I’m Bad! We followed the theme of the week by creating our own tie-dye shirts and picked all different colors. We also played outside with the sprinklers and hose to cool down and digged up worms to feed the chickens. We look forward to another fun week at Burgundy!


This week the ducks had so much fun at camp! The highlight of the week was being able to tie-dye shirts to go along with the circus theme of the week. Every duck got to pick three colors and then wear their shirt to camp on Friday. On Wednesday, we had some fun with water and got to play in sprinklers and on a slip and slide! On Thursday, one of our duck friends Shan was celebrating his fourth birthday, so we all sang Happy Birthday to him and did a birthday dance! The ducks are looking forward to more exciting weeks at Burgundy!


The Dinos had another fun packed week as we clowned around during Week 4’s circus theme! We got to know all of our new Dino friends, went to our exciting activities such as art and sports and games, enjoyed our wonderful pool time, and got to show off our crazy tie dyed shirts on Friday that we made together on Wednesday. Along with all these fun activities, the Dinos got to test their skills in our carnival themed obstacle course held right outside our classroom! The counselors had such a great time with the kids this week and we hope they had double the fun that we had!


The Dino Counselors


This week at BFSDC our theme was Carnival & Circus! We made lions to tame in art class, made some super awesome tie dyed t shirts with our counselors! In science class, we experimented by making elephant toothpaste, super cool! We also enjoyed our ice cream, went to the pool and to the water slides per usual. We had a really great week!

-The Chipmunk Counselors


The fourth week of BFSDC was filled with a whirlwind of activities! This weeks theme was Circus and Carnival, which made for a fun filled week! In Art the foxes made both ferocious and sweet lions, while in Science they got to help make elephant toothpaste!! We also got to make tie-dye t-shirts, each fox got to pick their design and up to three colors to create their design! As always we had ice cream day on Wednesday and water slide day on Thursday! Another GREAT week in the books of BFSDC!


The Raccoons had an awesome Carnival and Circus week! We loved doing tie dye this week and seeing everyone's amazing shirts on Friday. In our classroom, the Raccoons loved playing hot potato and playing with play-doh as well as constructing some great block architecture. Exploring all of the playgrounds at Burgundy was another great way we spent this much cooler week!

Everyone enjoyed meeting the new parakeet, making elephant toothpaste, and doing milk fireworks in science; playing clean up the yard and different kinds of tag in sports; making carnival lions and bead creations in art; and playing a firefighter song on a tube and freeze dance in music. Of course, our Raccoons loved getting ice cream Wednesday and playing on the water slides Thursday as well!

Raccoons Counselors and CIT's: Abby, Matt, Maggie, Natalia, and Diana


This week at camp the hawks had an amazing week exploring the burgundy campus and making new friends. Some of their favorite activities were the playing on the playgrounds, the pool, and tie dying their camp shirts. We hope to see your children again this summer.


What a great fourth week! The Eagles danced around all week, playing musical chairs, freeze dance, and we even ended the week having a big dance party/battle. We completed our carnival week designing cool, circus inspired crafts including our own tye-dyed shirts and some paper lions. Another fantastic week to be an Eagle!

Lower Division Art

We had lots of fun in Lower Division art this week! We began by talking about the circus (Burgundy's theme this week) by making and decorating our own lions with paper manes. Later in the week, we had some more unstructured time for campers to create on their own. The ducks, bunnies, and foxes learned how to paint using watercolors, and other groups used beads to create bracelets, necklaces, key chains and more! I hope your campers had fun and we hope to see you next week!

Lower Division Sports and Games

We had a fun fourth week in the gym playing games with lower division campers. During the first class, we warmed up by playing freeze dance and finished the class off by playing "YOUR SHIP IS SINKING." The kids had fun running from ship to ship, while avoiding the chasing sharks. During the second class, we played "OSCAR IN THE TRASH CAN", which gave the kids a chance to practice their tossing and throwing mechanics. The kids enjoyed racing to pick up trash (balls) and throwing them into the trash can, while the Oscars tried to keep the trash can clean.

Lower Division Science

This week in science we started off the week with a bang (literally!). The children were able to learn about chemical reactions with the help of the CO2 in soda with Mentos and watched in fascination when the combination caused the soda to shoot up into the air. We also learned about how to change a flower's color to red, white, and blue through osmosis and photosynthesis. The children also got involved with feeding some of the barnyard animals. Overall, it was an exciting few days and I look forward to seeing them all enjoy the experiments next week! Till then!

Lower Division Music

This week in music and drama campers experienced the colorful excitement of the circus. We acted as circus performers underneath our parachute circus tent and worked as a team to coordinate the movements of the parachute. We especially enjoyed bouncing colorful balloons off of the parachute to the song, “The Greatest Show”.


This week has been amazing; we have been very busy. This week we made photoshop collages with pictures we took. We explored the art of imprinting. Campers choose their favorite photo of the week and imprinted on to a piece of wood. Campers were amazed and proud of their work! The campers continued to show their creativity by tie-dying t-shirts. We stayed very active this week!


This week we worked with forensic engineering! The campers all worked to solve the crime of the stolen laptop, and used multiple techniques to track down the thief. We cracked codes, looked at DNA, identified fingerprints, checked the chemical compositions of ink, and built our own car crash tests. We learned about concepts like DNA, how fingerprints form so uniquely, why cars are designed to break certain ways, and how light mixes to form different colors.

Lego Legends

This week in Lego Camp was a blast! Campers created wind powered Lego cars, and then raced them all around the gym, some traveled close to 18 feet! Campers had an EGG-cellent time during our egg drop challenge! During our tower challenge, all the campers teamed up to take on the counselors, and won with a tower reaching over 7 feet tall!

Excite Soccer

With the world cup in Russia coming to an end a lot of sad faces but they quickly turn into cheering faces to support this week’s teams. This week the countries featured were: Portugal, Japan, Peru, England, Scotland, and Croatia. The flag day went above and beyond with many homemade flags. Scotland had the biggest flag this week! We had some exciting matches, but the one that stood out most from the week was a rematch of Croatia and England after the heartache of the English fans on Wednesday. The World Cup in Russia ends Sunday, but Burgundy Farm has another 4 weeks of fun!

ARTrageous ARTventures

Morning and afternoon camps got fancy with bold, bright, blendable  chalks this week. Kids learned a bit about color theory while creating gorgeous flowers (am) & fish (pm) with chalk pastels. We also studied American Pop artist, James Rizzi,  best known for his vibrant, youthful graphics, as our artist of the week. Campers made adorable cities with smiling skyscrapers and wild tigers with oil pastels. We washed them vivid watercolors to increase the “wow factor”. Rounding out the week, younger campers tackled ink printing by making cool geometric designs with foam, while older campers sculpted adorable “foodie” charms out of colorful polymer clay.

Silver Knights Chess

This week in Chess Camp, we started off by learning all about check, checkmate and stalemate. The campers got the hang of it really fast! We then learned some of the most common strategies to make a checkmate. Towards the end of the week, we got to analyze a couple full games including one played 400 years ago in Italy! Everyone seemed to have a blast and I hope to see you all next week!  

Nature Navigators

This week in nature navigators we explored the different habitats around Burgundy! Campers enjoyed digging for worms to make earthworm towers, captured and gathered outdoor supplies to put in our nest makers for birds. We tie-dyed our Burgundy shirts for spirit day while incorporating a tree’s touch by putting leaf prints onto the shirts. We are looking forward to week 5!


It's biology week! We started out examining owl pellets, which is what the owl regurgitates after eating. We identified bones and campers even got to take home a bone. On Thursday, we had a truly eye opening experience as dissected cow eyes and learned what each part of the eye does!

Burgundy Outdoors

Much of this week for Burgundy Outdoors has been devoted to developing and enhancing practical outdoor skills. Campers continued strong with the knot of the day which included bowline, trucker's hitch, daisy chain, and prusik. They also learned how to use a map and compass, which gave them all the skills they needed in their journey across the land to find Pokemon in a one of a kind orienteering course. And what would Burgundy Outdoors be without learning to start a fire. This group had an extra challenge as there was not a match in sight, but instead magnesium fire starters. Sprinkled in throughout the week were team building activities such as the human knot and move-it , pool time, sticky ice cream fingers, water slides, and plenty of dome tag! Ending out the week is the much awaited cookout - camp out. We've got our hammocks strung and tents pitched, and are ready for a night of food, games, stories, songs, and s'mores!