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Summer 2018, Week 5


Week 5 was an awesome time for the Bunnies! We greeted our new Bunny friends by introducing ourselves and sharing our favorite tv show and movie. We had a fun time at science testing to see what objects sink or float and making our own superheros at art. We read many books this week, like Dino-Swimming and Number One Sam and made signs cheering for Ms. Molly in the staff basketball game. We always have fun playing at Discovery Playground on the tire swing and in the sandbox. It was another great week at Burgundy.


The ducks had another fun week! We had some new friends join us this week and we were very excited to make them part of our group! By the middle of the week we already knew everybody’s name! We loved playing in the sand and playing in the treehouse! Every morning every one got to tell a joke to the class and after we loved having dance parties! We also cheered as loud as we could for all our favorite counselors in the basketball game! We hope to see everyone back again this summer!


This was another fantastic week in the Dinos! This week was superhero themed! In art class we enjoyed making superhero logos, later we made boats to see if they could withstand the water! Ice cream was a hit with everyone, of course, which we enjoyed on the discovery playground with our friends from the Raccoons. On Thursday to cool off the Dinos went on the water slides before jumping into the pool. To close the week we had lots of participants in the superhero theme! There were superheros everywhere! Thanks everyone for such an awesome week!  


The Dino Counselors


This week at Burgundy was one of the chipmunks’ most exciting weeks yet! We splashed in the pool and made our very own superheroes in art! The chipmunks enjoyed the playgrounds and the fed the farm animals, and to top it off, we dressed up as our favorite superheroes. We also got to see our counselors Ron and Jack play in the Burgundy Basketball game!

The Chipmunks Counselors-The Chipmunk Counselors


Fox Parents, The Foxes had another GREAT week at camp. This week was Superhero week and the Foxes had a blast! In art they drew their very own superhero puppets and wow did we have some amazing original superheros!!! We loved seeing all the campers dressed up this week! We also have a new camper here at BFSDC. Our very own resident Parakeet! In Science we got to vote on names. The Foxes decided on "Tweet Tweet", but we'll see what name wins out among all the camp groups! We had such a fun time this week and we know week 6 will be just as amazing too!


The Raccoons absolutely loved Summer Superheroes week! Everyone got to color and design their own superheroes as well as color in their favorite superheroes like Captain America, the Hulk, Thor, Spiderman, Spidergirl, Wonder Woman, and Batgirl this week. In our classroom, the Raccoons also enjoyed playing hot potato and playing with play-doh as well as constructing some great block architecture and playing "Simon Says." On Friday, everyone made signs for and cheered on our counselor Matt when he played in the counselor basketball game. The Raccoons also performed at halftime and sang the Spider-man song for the whole camp! They did very well - we have some very talented Raccoons!

The Raccoons also got to meet and feed the animals as well as learn about buoyancy in science; play games where they tried to knock down the other team's pins in sports; create their own superhero puppet and superhero symbol in art; and play "Dead Potato" and learn the Spider-man song in music. Of course, our Raccoons loved getting ice cream Wednesday and playing on the water slides Thursday as well!

We can't wait for another great week!

Raccoons Counselors and CIT's: Abby, Matt, Maggie, and Natalia


This week at camp the hawks had an amazing week exploring the burgundy campus and making new friends. Some of their favorite activities were the playing on the playgrounds, the pool and watching the counselor basketball game. We hope to see your children again this summer.

The Hawks

Taylor, Jaelen, and Tim


What a super week in the Eagles! We had a blast pretending to be superheroes exploring the woods and doing a fun shaving cream activity in our classroom. Along with cheering on our counselors Matt and Ethan at the staff basketball game, the Eagles made some awesome memories playing some riveting games of ghost in the graveyard and four corners. #EagleNation

Lower Division Art

Lower Division campers had lots of fun during Superhero Week! First we made our own superhero puppets on popsicle sticks. Campers drew superheros they already knew or got creative and made up their own!  We also made superhero symbols out of paper and decorated them. Campers had lots of fun this week and we hope to see you next week!

Lower Division Sports and Games

For superhero week in sports and games we started off with a game called “pin down”!! The campers were separated into 2 teams and there was a half court divider, the campers challenge was to throw, kick or toss the ball towards the bowling pins of the opposing team and try to knock down all 4 of their pins before their own got knocked down! We finished the week off with some music and movement! The campers did an activity while the music played and when the music stopped they had to find a hula-hoop to run to!!

Lower Division Music

This week in music and drama campers created their own superheroes and explored making various acting choices as their individual characters. Together we learned the Spider-Man theme song and came up with movements to go with the lyrics. Even the more reserved campers were able to break out of their shells as they transformed into their superheroes. In addition to our superhero activities, our younger campers explored various instruments and tactile toys including rhythm sticks, boomwhackers, and rapper snappers while the older groups learned new games that encourage focus, timing, and teamwork.  

Artrageous Artventures

From Peru to Mexico, campers had colorful fun South of the Border this week in Art!  Younger campers learned how to draw Peruvian llamas — with blanket, of course!  Using oil pastels, kids made a wax resist with vivid water colors washed over their designs.  Older campers learned the ancient art of copper tooling.  Only a handful of artists practice this detailed art sculpturing  technique today.  Using pencils & paintbrush handles, kids carefully “carved” designs into their foil, creating amazing Aztec designs.  A few sugar skulls were added for fun!  Once their designs were properly sculpted, campers colored in areas of piece with permanent markers. Canvas painting was a hit in both camps, with younger kids replicating the work of one of the Great Masters,  Wassily Kandinsky (“Kandinsky’s Circles).  Older campers learned about design & composition as they overlaid multiple stencils to get a funky abstract finished piece. Older campers also were challenged to create good vibes by making a mini-mural in the style of American pop artist, Jim Dine.  Famous for his heart murals, kids spread out around the Art room to create their own LOVE poster by blending bright chalk pastels on black 12”x14” paper. Face painting also continued this week with younger campers.


It has been an amazing week in Photography camp. During this session, we explored the campus and took wonderful photos of nature. Campers learned the different functions of our SLR cameras and when to use them. They also learned how to produce a stop motion video using multiple frames. The campers worked really hard and were very creative. It has been a fun exciting week!


This week in Engineering for Kids we worked on computer programming by designing our own games! In the middle division, we worked with Scratch and made a variety of games, including Pong! In the upper division, we worked with a program called Clickteam Fusion ( the same software used to program Five Nights at Freddies) to make our own version of the classic game Space Invaders! While making our games, we talked about different programming terms like loops, conditions, variables, and sprites.

Lego Legends

In Legos this week campers made all kinds of creations! We built pyramids out of Legos that rivaled the ones in Egypt. We tested cars powered by wind and raced some down a ramp. Then the campers also built boats and got to test them in water! We even built an entire city out of Legos!

Excite Soccer

This was the biggest world cup of the whole Summer, with the most players and the most teams. All of this adds up to more goals and more celebrations! The AM group went with the two finalists in the 2018 Russian World Cup, France and Croatia with England and USA also in the competition for the world cup. The PM group featured teams like the Dominican Republic, Portugal and Argentina. We are only half way through the Summer with a lot of soccer left. Looking forward to seeing everyone next week!

ARTrageous ARTventures

Morning and afternoon camps got fancy with bold, bright, blendable  chalks this week. Kids learned a bit about color theory while creating gorgeous flowers (am) & fish (pm) with chalk pastels. We also studied American Pop artist, James Rizzi,  best known for his vibrant, youthful graphics, as our artist of the week. Campers made adorable cities with smiling skyscrapers and wild tigers with oil pastels. We washed them vivid watercolors to increase the “wow factor”. Rounding out the week, younger campers tackled ink printing by making cool geometric designs with foam, while older campers sculpted adorable “foodie” charms out of colorful polymer clay.

Silver Knights Chess

Silver Knights Chess Camp at Burgundy this week has gone swimmingly! They got the hang of the basics in the first day, then we moved on to some more difficult and advanced tactics. We practiced making forks (attacking two different pieces at once), making batteries (lining up pieces that attack in the same direction) and we learned about one of the most confusing rules, en passant. The campers seemed to have a great time, and they made a lot of checkmates along the way!

Nature Navigators

This week in Nature Navigators, innovation accompanied majority of our nature related activities. We built leaf boats and stick rafts to see which one held a better float. We also created name tags made from bark! Lastly,  we gathered a multitude of leaves, flowers and twigs to make collage journals as a reflection activity. Along with our collage journals we made spines out of sticks wrapped in yarn.


This week in science camp we held our own boat Olympics and learned about buoyancy and displacement. Exploring the nature around Burgundy Farm helped us learn about recycling and how paper is made. We took this information and created some paper of our own! Adventuring through the campus was one of the campers favoriting activities! To end the week we made giant bubbles that the campers played with outside our classroom.

Burgundy Outdoors

"#Outdoors4Life" is the slogan campers in this session of Burgundy Outdoors created, and the activities for the week have surely exemplified that. This week has rocked! Each day we learned a new knot. So far we've learned a square knot, double overhand, waterknot, and a figure 8 retrace. We've spent plenty of time on the playground playing dome tag, saw a giant beetle, and started to hone our survival skills. From getting water out of plants through transpiration to building woodland debris shelters to plant identification, this crew is on their way to being wilderness warriors. Whenever the heat became too much to bear, we made our way inside for indoor activities. Some of them included making natural insect repellent with essential oils and creating paracord survival keychains. In addition, the week has been full of team building which includes daily small group games and team challenges, and even an  field trip to Hemlock Overlook Park for a low and high ropes challenge course. Burgundy Outdoors is always up to something, so you'll have to keep reading to find out what's in store.


In MathTree this week we have been working on inspiring campers to get ahead of the curve in math! With our younger campers we worked on sums to ten; and our older ones have improved in multiplication, division and double to triple digit addition! Another productive and hard-working week in MathTree!

Dare to Dance

This week in Dare to Dance campers started each day with a different warm-up including hip-hop, jazz, and ballet. We have worked on original choreography, expressing ourselves through physical movement. We had mini performances for each other and even a final show in front of the whole camp at morning meeting!